October Goal Not Met

My October goal was not met. I’m not disappointed at all, mostly impatient. Honesty, I actually feel foolish for setting a financial goal before I get my site established. I’m still on the fence with this situation though. I’ve read several blogs/bloggers who didn’t really try to monetize for a while and then start when they have a large following. On that same note, I’ve seen the one’s who come along and are starting from nothing and slowly building their way up to small fortunes right from the start. Passive income truly is what I need, and I won’t quit till I get there.

What held me from my goal?
The same ol’ problem! Working full-time and going to school full-time. My slow grind method of making money works to an extent. A few dollars here and there worked to start my blog including a year of web hosting, a domain name. I’d still like to start make improvements to my blog so I won’t stop the slow grind until I get everything in place. They are not passive ways to make an income by far and would only recommend that method if you have zero dollars to start a blog.

My goal for November
My next goal will be to qualify my blog for Google Adsense. I’ve been looking into this for a good while, but I get a little hesitant because I’ve been through forums and people make it seem like it’s really difficult to get accepted. After reading the terms and conditions as well as several ‘how to’ articles, I think it’s pretty clear of all the steps I need to take. I don’t have plenty of readers at this point, but this will be beneficial when I actually do have a steady stream of visitors. Although it may not be much money starting out, it will be my first form of passive income. I’d appreciate it if I can make this happen before December! :)

Another goal is to be more proactive. I’m not used to blogging! I feel like I’m still not qualified. I’ve read so many blogs, listened to so many podcasts, and have come up with so many good ideas, but I haven’t executed.

I need to write more blog posts. I started this blog to record my journey online AND also to show my followers exactly how I’m doing that. I have several things to write about and will post more frequently. I’d like to make at least one tutorial video this month to post on YouTube. That can help people with what I’ll show them as well as help me by bringing in unique visitors to my blog.
Lastly, I want to make enough money to put back into my site so that it can have everything it needs. I want to buy a premium opt-in plugin so I can start building a mailing list, a P.O Box so my home address won’t appear in my mailing list, and fully buy my premium theme.

Did you get off to a super slow start with your blog?

STILL slow grindin’


One Response to October Goal Not Met

  1. Hi, there! I can totally relate to this post. I’m currently in school and trying to maintain a blog at the same time is so tough!

    I’m just getting mine off the ground, too, and it’s SUPER slow. I think it takes a lot of time to get established as a blogger.

    Just keep trucking along, and you’ll get there. Useful content draws more people in.

    You might want to try publishing on Ezine articles. I’ve been doing that to try to draw more readers in. It can help establish writer credibility as well. They give you a “resource box” at the end where you can link to your blog. Always put your best stuff on your blog, though. But it can help to put your content through more than one medium.

    For example: write it as a blog post, then extend it into an ezine article, then talk about it in a podcast. You can get more content out of less effort that way!

    Good luck! :)

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